Coffee Review: Georgia MAX Coffee, Hachiman’s Obsession

Even if you’re not an otaku, it’s undeniable that the depiction of food in anime is enough to get anyone’s taste buds tingling. From Spirited Away to Shokugemi no Souma, there’s no shortage of series and movies that feature wonderfully animated food that you can almost taste. I’ve tried my hand at a number of anime-related recipes, but my most recent food experience was much simpler. It required no cooking at all: just an eBay account and the patience to wait for canned coffee to make its way across the Pacific.

If you can’t get it via vending machine…try eBay

Hachiman Hikigaya, the too-smart protagonist of OreGairu, has an obsession with MAX Coffee, a brand that’s featured prominently in the series, both physically and symbolically, and which in real life is commonly found in vending machines throughout Chiba (Trivia: for the trouble she gives Hikki regarding his obsession, it’s Yukino’s brand of choice, too, when it comes to canned coffee). I ordered a couple of cans to try it out and see why Hikki is singularly focused on the drink, which falls under Coca-Cola’s “Georgia” brand.

Life is too bitter, so coffee, at least, should be sweet…

– Hachiman Hikigaya

Served chilled, MAX Coffee has a refreshing flavor common to canned Asian coffees. The aroma is subtle, but bold. It has a touch of the bitterness I’d expect with any coffee, but as Hikigaya tells us, it’s mostly sweet. I would say it’s a bit nippy, too, and it goes down really well. I typically enjoy a thicker lattes, but MAX Coffee has a runny consistency; it almost drinks like a juice. It also left nary an aftertaste in my mouth. MAX Coffee is best served cold, though, as the sweetness dissipates when it becomes warm and so, too, does the flavor.

hachiman max coffee
The real “something genuine” Hikki was looking for

I wouldn’t refer to myself as a canned coffee aficionado, but I do them very much. MAX Coffee now joins my list of favorites, and in fact, rises to the top. The sweetness, which hits just the right balance (it’s perhaps considered sweet for the Japanese, but only moderately so for my American taste buds), makes for a tasty treat. I encourage you to pick one up if you’re in Chiba, or consider ordering one at a nominal price off eBay.

Not that you have to take my word for it – Shiki knows best:

shiki max coffee

17 thoughts on “Coffee Review: Georgia MAX Coffee, Hachiman’s Obsession

  1. I wish I could do justice to the review, but I’m busy mourning that there ARE NO MILK TEA VENDING MACHINES HERE.

    The canned coffee is great. The milk tea is greater…..

    1. Milk tea vending machines…do those exist anywhere? If not…someone MUST create them! Ohhh, and with options like jellies and boba…

      1. They are not only in Japan, but the American ships out of Japan have them on board– they are served SO HOT that you can thaw you hands on them, doing night patrol.

        In the picture, on the right? That’s my favorite brand.

      1. If you put them on military bases that have a large number of members who have rotated through Japan– San Diego, IIRC– you’ll have more business than you can handle.

        If you can get C.C. Lemon? I’ll be in fear of my husband dropping me for you!

          1. Bubble teas? Oh, it’s one of those things that popular for all Asian cultures. Try some sometime!

          2. Japanese milk tea is a bit less sweet than any of the bubble teas I’ve had– and it’s hot.

            It was explained to us as a Japanese attempt to make English style tea with milk and sugar, using Japanese tea and canned milk. (probably sweetened, condensed milk)

            1. Ah, woops, that’s what I get for replying on the wordpress app and not paying attention to the previous comment. -_-‘

              1. *big grin* If it’s obvious, don’t tell anybody! I went through every variety of instant tea and half of the coffee at my favorite grocery store in Washington, trying to find one that was more “milk tea” than “thai tea,” then started on bubble tea.

                Some of the teriyaki places in Washington have “milk tea,” but it’s just bubble tea that’s over ice and doesn’t have tapioca. Although the no-tapioca blended ones are pretty good.

              2. Bubble tea is getting to be interesting territory to navigate, too, because there are sooo many places that do it nowadays, and most poorly. It’s hard to get good tapioca sometimes, too. -_-‘

  2. I didn’t realize you had a YouTube channel! It was fun both watching and reading your review. I’m reminded a bit of YouTuber EmmyMadeinJapan–have you watched her?
    I’ll have to give this coffee a try if I ever have the chance. I never finished watching OreGairu, so this is yet another reminder to me to go back to it.

  3. hi, this… you could tell me if you know about any website where i can buy it, from america.

    1. Sorry none that I know of. I’ve seen it on Amazon but at very high prices. I’ve bought mine on eBay for a more reasonable price and had a friend bring one to me when he visited Japan.

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