Ayanokōji is Right: It’s Too Hot to Think

One thing that’s annoyingly true to me is that when I’m out of balance, out whack, my equilibrium is off, I get really moody. Usually this happens when I’m really hungry or when it’s hot outside. For instance, I’m a little impatient right now because I want to eat lunch. And when I took a trip to Seattle a few weeks back (Marina was out of town, unfortunately, so we couldn’t meet up!), I could not get used to the lack of air conditioning in the middle of a hot spell. I was not pleasant to be around.

When I was watching episode six of Classroom of the Elite, Ayanokōji made a comment about heat that really spoke to me:

That’s right! Blame the heat! If super genius Ayanokōji can’t think straight (although he was obviously lying here as he ended up solving the class C/D situation without really saying anything and saving the girl by bringing authorities within, like, 30 seconds of getting Sakura’s phone call), what hope do I have? And the fact is…I’m sorry to say it, but I also definitely justify my bad moods:

I’m not arguing with you because my stomach is growling, it’s because you’re obviously wrong.

I’m not upset with you because I’m stressed out at work, it’s because you need to try harder.

Japesland, who comments on our Twitter feed, helped return me back to reality yesterday:

Basically, it’s hot here…it’s hot there…it’s hot everywhere. I’m not special – and neither am I justified in treating others poorly (even passive-aggressively…especially passive-aggressively) when things aren’t going well, when I’m not feeling tip-top, when it’s a hundred million degrees outside. It’s a lesson I obviously know, but don’t know where it counts. Otherwise, I wouldn’t become a hypocrite and “encourage” others to be kind even when they aren’t feeling up to it, though I tend to do the exact opposite.

We’ve still got long, hot days ahead. I want to curse the heat, but maybe I should see it as an opportunity instead, a chance to be love when it hurts (or burns), be less of a hypocrite, and to just, well, chill. And since this is Texas, I’ve got many weeks ahead in which to learn that lesson.


4 thoughts on “Ayanokōji is Right: It’s Too Hot to Think

  1. Oh my goodness. I had some poor behavior when I went to Korea because of the heat and humidity. I don’t do well with the dryness of the A/C either and all of the above made me super grumpy and sick.

    1. It makes me think about how when we get on spiritual highs, we might think we could endure torture for the sake of the gospel. Wait…I can’t even be nice to my family on a hot summer day. :/

  2. All I have to say is I live in Miami. *drops mic*

    It’s hot every day, even in December. We may have like 2 days or a few more than that of cold. And when I say cold, I’m talking the low 50s, for some that’s laughable 🙂 But yeah, personally I love it. I too don’t like to be sweaty and hot because of lack of A/C or ventilation, BUT I prefer it over snow and catching the flu (or shoveling snow, which I have never had the pleasure of doing).

    1. I live in Wisconsin, a state with a reputation for being Cold.

      But what’s really interesting about Wisconsin’s weather i show unpredictable it is. It gets really Cold int he Winter, it gets really Hot in the Summer. But much of the year it could Hot one day and Cold the next.

      I respect the subtle Click Bait of combing this title with that image.

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