First Impressions: Black Clover

In the Clover Kingdom, all residents have magical powers. Children, when they turn 15, are able to further these powers by using a grimoire – a book of spells – that they receive during a coming of age ceremony. Asta and Yuno, orphans left at a church when they were infants, are now of age, but their entrance into magical life couldn’t be more different. Yuno, the handsome, powerful, collected one quickly shows himself to be a potential Magic Knight and perhaps even the future Wizard King. Asta, the dim, loud, obnoxious one, is relentlessly reminded that he is without magic. But could his potential show itself, especially when a disgraced former Magic Knight attacks?

black clover yuno
Some nice atmosphere in episode one.

The season’s new big shounen entry is cobbled together from bits and pieces of of earlier, popular series – bratty boy finds the power within (Naruto) through sheers guts and determination (Bleach) in a world of magic (Fairy Tail) by accessing demonic powers in contrast to his other half (Blue Exorcist) as he journeys to become the greatest of his kind (Naruto again). There’s even more in episode one to make me think this series won’t add up to much. But…I have to admit, it was an engaging initial episode. I liked the environment crafted in this world, as well as the character designs. But please, please, can Asta’s voice actor just chill for a second? Most annoying voice acting ever.


Catch the first episode of Black Clover now on Crunchyroll.

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    1. We don’t really know yet. The story takes the idea of a four-leaf clover and modifies it, mentioning the typical three sides standing for faith, hope, and charity (there’s a faux-Catholic church presence in this series) and the fourth being “luck.” The fifth is apparently demonic forces, which is how one of the main characters expresses his magic. What it’s like, we’ll find out in episode two.

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