First Impression: Kino no Tabi ~ The Beautiful World ~

Kino is a traveler, journeying from country to country with weapons at her side and aboard a talking motorcycle named Hermes, who is her only companion. Spending three days in each country she visits, Kino learns the specifics of that nation and its people before moving on to another as she absorbs the differences between countries and, usually, negative aspects of their cultures. The first visit in this rebooted series finds Kino traveling into a country that allows killing for any reason. Expecting a dangerous situation, Kino and Hermes encounter something unexpected, in more ways than one.

kino's journey 2017 episode 1
Whether it’s 2003 or 2017, Kino is Kino.

I’m so glad that the new Kino no Tabi is here! I loved the original series – though I admittedly don’t remember the finer points too well – and I’ve been looking forward to Lerche and Egg Firm’s approach to the show. It took me much of the episode (and maybe I’m not there yet) to get used to the new voice actors, but I appreciated them, and more than that, I absolutely loved the animation. It was beautiful, and the shots were artistic and engaging. Most importantly, the writing was just as thoughtful as the original. Any worries I had have dissipated – 2017’s Kino no Tabi looks to be a worthy heir of the original classic.


Kino no Tabi ~ The Beautiful World ~ The Animation can be streamed on Hulu.

2 thoughts on “First Impression: Kino no Tabi ~ The Beautiful World ~

  1. Agreed. I liked the original series as well. And this opening episode is indeed worthy of the original series. I can’t wait to see more of it.

    1. It really felt as if this episode was just the next one down – the quality is so high. I’m very excited!

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