Patreon Mini-Drive: Give to the Orphans and Win a Copy of Your Name!

As Beneath the Tangles continues to grow, we depend on the general financial support of our patrons to help us engage readers through our different arms. Our social media outlets don’t just exist to drive you back here; they are themselves sites in which we try to reach you in different ways with different staff leading those efforts!

So the work we do here isn’t just supported by our wonderful volunteer staff—it’s also made possible directly through your contributions. Starting today and continuing through Friday, we’re having a mini-drive for our Patreon account. I’m asking that if you like what we do, you’ll consider becoming a patron, contributing $2 a month to our efforts. That may not sound like much, but with the $2 pledge, you’ll contribute enough in one year’s time to run a month-long social media campaign for us!

But in addition, as part of our desire to be outward giving, we’ll be donating the first month’s contributions from new patrons to Samaritan’s Purse through their year-end gift catalog. I love this opportunity (we did this once before to great success), as the organization lets you give directly to programs that help impoverished people, with gifts like infant medical care, baking classes, dental kits, HIV care, and even goats for family to raise and use! To encourage you further, I’ll personally match the first month’s pledged this week up to $50.

Need even more encouragement? How about this: if you become a new patron this week, you’ll have a chance to win a copy of the Blu-Ray release of Your Name, which comes out tomorrow in North America! I’ll randomly draw from all new patrons (you’ll receive one chance for every $2 you give), selecting one to get the BD. Only residents of America and Canada will be considered for the drawing.

Can you spare $2 a month? If so, please donate now!

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Thank you so much for supporting Beneath the Tangles and the needy around the world, and good luck with the drawing!


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