Pledge $2. Help the Needy. Win Kimi no na Wa.

Hi, readers!

TWWK here with a final plea this week. We’re conducting a mini-drive through Friday to partner with patrons who will help financially support our ministry at Beneath the Tangles. Those of you who are long time followers or who have just found us might know that we share our faith by developing content about anime. While this blog remains a primary conduit through which we share our passion with you all, our social media presence has grown through the years and provided not only a way for us to read more followers, but to also connect with them personally through direct messaging. We’ve established so many great relationships through Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter.

We’re asking you all to consider helping us with our ministries by donating just $2 a month. Your patronage will help us run an entire monthly social media campaign, which can help add hundreds of followers to our account. And to top it off, we’ll send your first month’s donation to Samaritan’s Purse through their year-end gift catalog program, though which we’ll give directly to impoverished people by providing them opportunities and physical/emotional care. And I’ll personally match the first month’s pledged this week up to $50.

I also have in my hands a Blu-Ray copy of Your Name to give away to a any new patron who joins this week! I’ll randomly draw a name from all new patrons (you’ll receive one chance for every $2 you give) and send the winner my brand new copy. As simple as that! Residents of America and Canada will be considered for the drawing.

Here’s the link to check out our Patreon account and donate:

Donate to Beneath the Tangles

Thank you all, for your support – whether it’s through reading our content, praying for us, or gifting the site financially. We appreciate all that you do—this is for you after all—and hope you’ll continue to join us on our journey through anime and faith.

TWWK (Charles)


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