takari pocky day

Happy Pocky (and Pepero) Day!

That’s right, today is Pocky Day—and for Koreans out there and others who otherwise prefer Lotte Pepero, its Pepero Day, too! (A little trivia: Pepero Day is just as much a marketing tool as Pocky Day is, but it also has a Valentine’s Day kinda feel in Korea and even in the U.S. among Korean-Americans.)

To celebrate our favorite chocolate/preztely snack, here’s a small gallery of anime characters eating Pocky. Enjoy, and let us know in the comments which Pocky flavor is your favorite! Mine is Matcha Green Tea! 😀

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Note: All illustrations are used with permission, either explicitly or by the artist noting that reposts are allowed.

  1. Miku: 雨陌 |
  2. Victor: Pingo |ユーリ!!! on ICE
  3. Girl 1: いがくせい |ポッキーの日
  4. Mashu: Silver | Pocky~
  5. Sasha: 犬殿 | Pocky!!!
  6. Kyoko: アマノ | だ、誰があたしが食ってるポッキー食えって言った!
  7. Girl 2: Bison倉鼠 | ○×△□
  8. Takari: Bern | (´;ω;`)
  9. Girl 3: ももしき | ポッキー食べよ

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