Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is my fav-fav-favorite holiday! I just absolutely love it—the smells, the tastes, the feel, the sights. It’s a day I look forward to every year. I also love how that, even if we forget to actually be thankful on this day, the idea that Americans travel the country to eat a big dinner with relatives that sometimes get on their nerves is thankfulness in motion. At least for me, I don’t live a life of gratitude. In the midst of busyness, frustration, and difficulties, I sometimes forget there are lots of things, and more importantly some very important people, that I’m thankful for. Thanksgiving is a microcosm of life: it’s can be crazy and busy and overwhelming, but it’s ultimately about the ones we love.

I hope you’re having a wonderful Thanksgiving, and that you’re thinking about who and what you appreciate! Here are some of the things our staff is thankful for this year:

I am thankful for the love of God. It seems like a cheesy Sunday school answer, but the Sunday school answers have become progressively truer for me in this stage of my life. The love of God has been both a unifying force between myself and other believers as I have started life in a new town and has been my increasing hope as so much of national culture grows in disunity.

And though it’s much less important, I’m also really glad that Fate/Apocrypha is now on Netflix *internal screaming*.

Matthew G.

saber of red
art by Jeky-kun | reprinted w/permission (https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=64834484)

I am thankful for the fellowship of brothers and sister in Christ that God has given me. Some are in real life, others live far away and some are through the blog world, but God brings me the friends I need to sharpen me and encourage me in the way I need it most.


I am grateful to God for Dragonball Super….it’s what every Dragonball fan ever wanted.


 I’m thankful this season for my new husband. Even though we’re still figuring out some of the things that change during marriage, he’s been amazing. He’s super vocal about how he loves me and appreciates me, which means a lot. He’s also been very supportive about my desire to pursue a larger work opportunity. He’s even tried anime for my sake! God definitely blessed me with this guy.


I’m thankful to God for bringing me through to the end of my undergraduate studies here in Australia, and every friend that I’ve made along the way. He has definitely helped me mature into a more well-rounded person through all of this.


I am thankful for Uchiha Sasuke, because someone has to be.


I am thankful for my the Lord entrusting me with my wonderful wife & children.


I’m thankful for my Bible study group. This past summer, a year and a half after returning to my hometown, I finally plugged in with a group of people about my age who share my faith. This offline fellowship—this laughter, this learning, this support—has been a great gift.


I am also thankful for the Dio meme because it makes every social situation in college ten times better.


I’m thankful for our readers—you support us so much by reading our work and commenting on it, and you make me sharper by giving your thoughts and causing me to think more about what we watch and how we live this life.


I’m thankful for Duolingo, because learning Japanese is a totally justifiable reason to procrastinate on work.


I am thankful for a job in which I can be of help and service to students.


I am thankful for my wonderful wife. She is very strong, hard working, intelligent and very funny. The greatest blessing God has given me after His Son, has been her. Life is so much more exciting, interesting and helps us grow into better people. I wouldn’t be the man I am today without her.



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  1. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. What you guys post here is interesting and I never thought a community like this would exist. Keep it up!

    Also I just read the little bio next to your picture under the article, TWWK, and I have to say: Oregairu? My respect has skyrocketed moreso.

    1. Yeah, I think I’ll keep her. 😉
      Translation: “I’m so happy she’s willing to stand by her otaku.”

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