Being Tomoyo All Year Round

My family was watching A Christmas Carol the other night (the one starring Jim Carrey) and I was struck by how Scrooge pledged–and then kept–a promise to keep the spirit of Christmas all year round. I absolutely loved that idea. How I long to be Christmas to others at all times of the year and to feel that Christmas joy as well.

Those scenes led me to examine what it means to “keep Christmas all year.” While Christmas is a holiday of hope for all people, the “spirit” of the day is probably best explained as being cheery and joyous. I am sometimes that, but more often I’m at the whim of my emotions, like Sakura of Cardcaptor Sakura. In each and every episode, she’s up and the she’s down and then she’s up again. Sakura is a strong and kind girl, but she’s very human that way.

Sakura’s best friend, though, is a lot more steady and constant. Tomoyo exhibits this kind of spirit–she is always supporting, always cheering on her friend. Even when occasionally down, she still has this countenance about her that is wondrous and heartfelt. She is positively Scrooge-like (post-ghosts visit, of course).

Ultimately, I’m not sure I can ever be like Tomoyo: I’m too impatient, too prideful, and too selfish to always pour out that kind of kindness to others Even during the season, its often hard to show that spirit, but I think it’s still a good goal to work toward. I may be more Sakura now (not that there isn’t a ton of goodness in her), but I want to be like Tomoyo in the future, to have that Christmasy spirit. And maybe that isn’t beyond my grasp after all, for the power to be like Christmas is found in the reason for that day itself, in the hope provided by the one, the only one, that can change me into someone more than I could otherwise possibly be.

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10 thoughts on “Being Tomoyo All Year Round

  1. Oh yes, I definitely relate to what’s written in this post. I’m much more like Sakura as well. I fluctuate easily too cuz like her, I am very human. I envy Tomoyo for her ability to be kind and steady through difficulties, whereas I’m a lot weaker than I like to admit. I struggle with being patient, humble, and selfless to pour generosity and love in others as well. Those are the marks of the human flesh. We’re all stronger in some areas but weaker in others. But thank goodness we have a God to help us in our weakness, not matter how frustrating and hard it is. I too want to be more like Tomoyo but only time and persistence will tell. Thanks for this encouraging post and I think I’m going to re-watch Cardcaptor Sakura, it’s been 7 years since I last watched it 🙂

    1. Thanks for sharing! It’s certainly a journey toward growth, and one that’s both discouraging and impossible without grace.

      If you do tune in, you might want to check out the new arc instead! It begins airing in a couple of weeks!

    1. I was just watching an episode where Sakura is on vacation and calls Tomoyo, who’s just chilling in the dark watching videos of Sakura. 😅

      1. Indeed. Oh and you realise that one of the omakes is Tomoyo filming the 1st OP to put proper OPs on her Sakura collection…

        Including the cardboard cutout of Yukito…

          1. IKR? And let’s not forget the opening in The Sealed Card where Tomoyo-chan has somehow or other persuaded Sakura to re-enact the card captures that she didn’t film at the time…

            For the sake of completeness of course.

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