First Impressions: Working Buddies!

Working Buddies! (Hataraku Onii-san!) is a short form-anime series about anthropomorphic cats doing odd jobs during college. Our two main cats are an energetic calico named Tapio Chatorazawa and the pessimistic Russian blue Kuehiko Roshihara. The first episode shows our two lead cats on the job delivering packages. The entire episode goes from the warehouse to our crew on the job delivering after Tapio introduces the cast to us. That’s pretty much the episode as it’s a 4 minute short.

My thoughts? I liked it. Not much happened, but it was fast paced and the characters were fun. I like goofy fun with cats, which is probably why I like shows like Poyopoyo and Meow Meow Japanese History. There’s not a lot here, but this short is silly fun and worth adding to your queue if you want to smile with a few chuckles randomly at the end of each week. I hope to see more silliness from these ridiculous characters and am looking forward to seeing what other odd jobs these cats will take. Relatedly, that last package they delivered…spooky.

Working Buddies! can be legally streamed at Crunchyroll.


4 thoughts on “First Impressions: Working Buddies!

  1. I’ve watched Poyopoyo before; it’s so cute! 🙂 If I liked that show, will I like this one too?

    1. Short Answer: Maybe.

      Long Answer: This is a show about anthropomorphic cats as opposed to weird ball shaped kitty doing weird/cute things. So, it’s cute in a different way. I liked both, but your mileage may vary and you may not like it as much as me. However – it’s short, so giving it a try doesn’t hurt! Hope my non-answer answer helps!

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