First Impressions: Mitchiri Neko

Mitchiri Neko is a Japanese app, game, and comic strip series that was recently turned into an anime (i.e. this season). In 2013, this gave us the satisfyingly adorable animation of cats on parade.

For 2018, we get a short-form anime series where the cats are just acting cute in 3 minute shorts. Each short consists of 5-6 mini-shorts and introductions/fact sheets on the individual cats from the series.

The first episode included everything from the cats playing soccer in a large crowd, to them getting caught in a box, to looking at pots to play in. That’s…it. That’s the episode. And it shifts fast from tiny, cute action to tiny, cute action. If you are into the genre of silly cats doing cute things, then you will like this show. It fits into the same category as Bananya or Poyopoyo.  This, so far, feels like something you can sit down to watch with your kids, but time will tell if it gets “edgy.” But, I doubt it. The entire franchise was designed to be cutsey and adorable. This is no different.

Mitchiri Neko can be legally streamed at Crunchyroll.


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