First Impressions: Mitsuboshi Colors

“Colors”, a group consisting of three young girls who have made it their mission to protect the peace of their town. There’s the leader Yui, the mischievous Sacchan, and the game-playing Kotoha, and while they’re supposed to help the town out with troubles like thieving cats, as kids they also just like having fun and causing a bit of mischief. Joining them in their misadventures, whether by choice or not, are the police officer Saito and “Pops”, the owner of a novelty item store.

Mitsuboshi Colors differs from the other cute-girls-doing-cute-things offerings this season in featuring elementary school-age kids (no worries, nothing inappropriate in this show) and the kind of antics they get up to. It’s cute and funny, which is all I need from a show like this, though for me at least there’s the concern that the kids’ actions, especially Sacchan’s, may stray too far into annoying brattiness. If the show goes too much into “how do the kids torture Saito this week” I’ll have some issues with it. That said, at the same time it’s the presence of these adults who are willing to give these children some attention that give the show the extra charm it needs to stand out in a season loaded with cuteness. The last act in particular, in which “Pops” sets up a riddle for them to solve to open a safe, is rather sweet. If this show can do more with the relationships between the kids and the adults around them, I think it can secure a solid spot on this season’s massive slice-of-life slate.

Mitsuboshi Colors is streaming on HIDIVE.

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  1. Kind of reminds me of Mitsudomoe, except without the high-impact slapstick violence and inappropriate humor.The first episode gave me a lot of great laughs, so I’m sticking with this one for sure.

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