And Our Next Light Novel Club Selection Is…

Walking My Second Path in Life!

Never heard of it? Well, the franchise doesn’t have an anime and it doesn’t have an English publication in book form. But what it does have is an interesting premise (taken from J-Novel Club):

Fie, first princess of Daeman, finds herself isolated and stranded in the foreign Kingdom of Orstoll all by her lonesome – effectively having been wed off as a dowry gift in accessory to her sister, Princess Fielle’s marriage. Trapped and isolated in a small back garden that once used to be a storehouse, Fie lives her days without purpose, and eventually without food – after the only member of her entourage, the chef, resigns. Just as Fie was about to give in to despair, she finds a pamphlet advertising a squire’s test for the Royal Knights of Orstoll – beginning her journey of friendship, hard work, and guts, along with masquerading as a boy to walk her second path in life. What will Fie find along the way?

Sounds interesting, right? Please come join us as we dig into the second entry for our Beneath the Tangles Light Novel Book Club! You can download a digital version of the book for a good price at Amazon. Read through it and then come join us for discussion on May 18. I hope to see y’all at the meeting!


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