Spring Drive: Support Beneath the Tangles and Win Re:ZERO Swag

Although we’ve grown by leaps and bounds, especially via social media, Beneath the Tangles remains a close-knit community, consisting of our group of committed writers and staff, loyal followers, and  patrons, who help drive so many of the activities we do with our accounts. Without our patrons, we wouldn’t be able to grow our accounts like we do, or even think about doing projects like our light novel club.

Would you consider becoming one of our patrons? In doing so, you become an immediate and personal partner in our ministry and volunteer efforts. Any amount helps, but if you give at one of our ninja levels during this campaign—chuunin ($5/month), jounin ($10), or kage ($25)—you’ll be entered for a chance to win really cool Re:ZERO swag! We have a small but very impactful number of patrons, meaning that if you give, you have a great chance at winning our grand prize: a brand new MAX FACTORY figure of Rem!

Very cool, huh? I love MAX FACTORY figures and this one is no exception. It looks SO good.

We’re also including a few more cool runner-up prizes: the Re:ZERO The Dream of the Lion King light novel (volume one) and volume six of the regular Re:ZERO light novel series. For a chance to win, become a patron at the $5 chuunin level. For every $5 more you give, you’ll receive an additional entry (up to five for the kage level of $25/month), in addition to qualifying for higher levels and their accompanying awards.

Please head over to our Patreon page and consider giving now. Our campaign ends April 27th. Thank you so much for your support and partnering with us and the work we’re doing on Beneath the Tangles!

Beneath the Tangles Spring 2018 Patreon Campaign


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