Good Luck, Graduates!

This past Sunday was a bittersweet one at my church. I said goodbye to a lot of our seniors, many of whom I’m come to know intimately over the past four years, as they graduated and moved on. It was of course sad, but I celebrated for them as well, and I hold out hope that some will return to our city and church eventually, which has been the case for many of our members. I also felt joyous because a lot of folks who graduated in years past came to visit for graduations—I hugged so many old friends on Sunday that I lost track.

I don’t have any words of wisdom to offer here to graduates—y’all have heard enough and will hear more in the coming days. I just want to offer my congratulations if you’re graduating from high school, college, graduate school, or from another level. Awesome work, and best of luck in the next stage of your lives—challenges, success, sadness, pain, blessings, and tribulations are ahead. I hope you enjoy your today, and I’ll be praying that you’ll enjoy all that the future holds as well!

Oh, and please do tell us below if you’re graduating! We want to celebrate with you! And a special congratulations to @thathilomgirl, our Tumblr administrator, who is among those finishing her schooling!

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  1. I’m gonna be sad when the seniors at my school graduate.But I’m going to their graduation though! I’m gonna miss them so much

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