First Quarter: 2018 Anime Fantasy League Update

Quarter one in our year-long anime fantasy league is over and one team is running away right now, while many of the rest of lying in wait for their big guns to air in following seasons. But before I show the results so far, let’s recap what this league is all about!

Three months ago, before the start of the spring anime season, I invited a group of anibloggers to participate in an anime draft: four of our writers, longtime blogger, Tommy Phillips, and Kurt of the Violet Evergarden Tumblr. Over four rounds, the owners selected anime to fill their teams—they could select any anime that will or could air from the spring 2018 anime season onward (they could not select anime that completed their runs beforehand). Scores would be determined from an average of rankings on Anime Planet and MAL, with the lowest average being the highest score, and only the best three scores counting.

Here’s how the standings look as of today:

  1. SOS Brigade (Kurt): 35.3 AVG
  2. FTBL (Matthew N.): 500.0
  3. Eyeshield 20/20 (Tommy): 1314.7
  4. Pegasus Meteor Fist (R86): 1478.8
  5. First and Ghoul (Emdaisy): 2934.3
  6. First and Over 9000!!! (Samuru): 3393.8

SOS Brigade is leaps and bounds ahead of the rest after drafting super well, with Steins;gate 0 (AVG rank 9.0), Food Wars season 3 (57.0), and Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan season 2 (40.0) leading the way. FTBL is within striking distance with two high ranking series in One Piece (154.5) and Megalo Box (138.0). At first glance, everyone else seems out—but that would an incorrect conclusion, not only because some teams are stowing away potential blockbusters like Attack on Titan 3 (First and Ghoul) and the next season of Gintama (Pegasus Meteor Fist)—and shows that haven’t aired count toward a horrible score of 4,000—but because waiver wires are coming up!

The way that waivers works is that each team has a chance to pick up “free agents,” qualifying anime series that don’t yet have a team. Each owner can pick up any qualifying series and drop any that they currently have. However, there is an order: the team that drafted last gets highest priority on waiver wires on down the list to the team that drafted first. We’ll post again soon to let you know how waivers went for this round.

Good luck to all the teams, and we’ll see how each one tries to improve as they move toward the goal of winning year one of the league!

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