Clearing Waivers: Movement in Our Anime Fantasy League

As I mentioned last week, our yearlong anime fantasy league isn’t just one-and-done: there are actions that happen throughout the year that will determine who wins the league nine months from now. I’ll get to that next, but first, a quick rundown on what this league actually is! Three months ago, before the start of the spring 2018 anime season, I invited a group of anibloggers to participate in an anime draft: longtime blogger, Tommy Phillips; Kurt of the Violet Evergarden Tumblr; and four of our own bloggers Over four rounds, the owners selected anime to fill their teams—they could pick any anime that will or could air from the spring 2018 anime season onward. Scores would be determined from an average of rankings on Anime Planet and MAL, with the lowest average being the highest score, and only the best three scores counting. SOS Bridge (Kurt) was leading the way with a 35.3 score, followed by FTBL (500), Tommy’s Eyeshield 20/20 team (1314.7), Pegasus Meteor Fist (1478.8), First and Ghoul (2934.3), and First and Over 9000!!! (3393.8).

While SOS Brigade is the class of the league so far, all teams have a chance because A) all teams have some series that have yet to air (they incur a heavy penalty until airing) and B) waiver wires happen following each season. We had our first waiver draw last week and one teams took advantage, picking up a series with the following moves:

Pegasus Meteor Fist drops Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Arc and adds The Seven Deadly Sins: Revival of the Commandments

Two teams actually put in claims for Seven Deadly Sins, one of the highest ranking anime and one that went undrafted even though I had it at number five on my big board (for shame!) before the draft. Although Emdaisy (Ghoul) put in a request, R86 (Pegasus) had a higher priority since he drafted later. Emdaisy’s request was denied and R86 received his and moved to the back of the waiver wire line.

The pickups has already altered the standings, which now stand as follows:

  1. SOS Brigade (Kurt): 35.3 AVG
  2. FTBL (Matthew N.): 500.0
  3. Eyeshield 20/20 (Tommy): 1314.7
  4. Pegasus Meteor Fist (R86): 1373.7
  5. First and Ghoul (Emdaisy): 2934.3
  6. First and Over 9000!!! (Samuru): 3393.8

All teams stayed in place, but Pegasus Meteor Fist’s score increased some and in fact, the team should overtake the number two slot as Gintama, one of its anime, airs its new season, while First and Over 9000!!! may not be in last for long with season three of Attack on Titan also coming up. With SOS Brigade and FTBL sitting still, their owners may wonder if that choice was the right one with the others hot on their tails.

We’ll check back late next season to let you know how things stand!


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