First Impressions: Revue Starlight

Karen Aijo is a student at Seisho Music Academy, where she and several other students are studying and training to become skilled musical actors. She has trouble waking up in the morning and is nowhere near the top of the class, but she loves musical theater and wants to fulfill a promise she made with her childhood friend Hikari to become stars, so she’s nothing but enthusiastic. And as fate would have it, Hikari transfers into her class after having studied in England for twelve years. Everything seems to be relatively normal, until Karen notices Hikari going to school after hours and follows her. What she discovers is a mysterious elevator, a secret underground theater, and Hikari locked in battle with one of her classmates, and then…

…okay, I don’t know what’s going on with this one. It was looking like your average all-girls musical show, like an idol show but with a focus on musical theater, with your usual hints of yuri and whatnot. But then the whole sequence involving the underground theater starts, and things take a turn for the surreal, and honestly I don’t know what to make of it. No answers are given as to what exactly the “Revue Starlight” is, and there’s no indication of whether the whole thing is going for a “dark” tone or just something crazy. Still, it’s always exciting to see an unexpected twist to a seemingly-standard show, and it makes sure it stands out from others in the crowd. The presentation is great throughout that sequence, so there’s that too. As with any show that dares to shock its audience in its premiere episode with a crazy twist, the follow-up is what will ultimately make or break the show, so I guess I will stick around for at least one more episode to see what happens.

Revue Starlight is streaming on HIDIVE.

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