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In lieu of writing something, I thought I’d share some of my fan art. I actually find fan art to be one of the trickier things to do—reverse-engineering someone else’s character takes you outside of your own habits and comfort zone. But for that reason it can also be very instructive.

Unfortunately, no real thematic link between these pieces emerged beyond my finding the characters interesting.

At the top is Haku, from Spirited Away. I inked him entirely with brushes—they produce a kind of flowing, calligraphic line which I felt was suitable for him. Unfortunately, the drawing was a little too big for my scanner, which chopped off his feet.

Next is another character with dual forms: Terra, from Final Fantasy VI. For this and the next two images, I used a combination of pens and ink, and watercolour paint. I actually sketched Terra for a top five Final Fantasies post I did about a year ago, so you can compare and contrast if you so desire (and, by the by, I now think that Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age deserves a place high up on that list).

It’s Samus, of Metroid fame. I tried to experiment a bit by making her as angular as possible.

Link and Navi. It honestly looks to me a bit like Link’s head is about to float away, but I did want to include him and round out the number of pieces to five, so here he is.

Last of all is an ink drawing of Curly Brace from Cave Story, using pens.

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