Princess Arete and the Magic of Creativity

Princess Arete and the Magic of Art

Every culture is unique, and all people are different. Each one of us has our own voice, our own thoughts. Some things, however, are common across all cultures, all eras, all countries. One of these is our endless, unrelenting creativity. Princess Arete is not famous for being a thrilling or well-paced movie, but the story… Continue reading Princess Arete and the Magic of Creativity

Check Out Our New Banner!

2014 was a year of transformation for Beneath the Tangles. While our emphasis remains on blogging anime, we've looked toward other topics and mediums as we seek to engage our readers in all sorts of Japanese-related topics from our unique perspective.  For instance, you've hopefully listened to our monthly podcast and you may have tuned… Continue reading Check Out Our New Banner!

Vocaloid as Artistic Expression

Japes, our Anime Today columnist, has written a number of articles about the intersection of Christianity and anime for his other blog, Japesland.  He is editing and resposting a number of these entries, including the one below, to Beneath the Tangles. Right off the bat, I feel compelled to say that Vocaloid is an enormous passion… Continue reading Vocaloid as Artistic Expression

A Year Ago on Beneath the Tangles

A year ago...Murasaki Lynna joined our crew... ...and immediately mused about Clannad's Yukine Miyazawa... ...and later about finding joy in ARIA. A year ago...Goldy examined Guilty Crown, wondering what route the hero would take... ...found him to be a character worth rooting for (at least at this point in the series)... ...and discovered a correlation between… Continue reading A Year Ago on Beneath the Tangles

A Year Ago on Beneath the Tangles

A year ago...I was all about family and anime, releasing our Christian Parents' Guide to Anime and writing a post about parenting in AnoHana. A year ago...we still couldn't get enough of Madoka... ...or Evangelion 2.22... ...or Shikamaru... A year ago...I revisited Kino's Journey... ...Spied out Someday's Dreamers... ...and set anime pictures to George Strait… Continue reading A Year Ago on Beneath the Tangles

Spirituality in the Anime Blogosphere: Pokemon and Priests, Dreams of Crusading Anime, and Superflat Artist Tackles Buddha in Qatar

It appears to be Catholic week here at Beneath the Tangles, emphasized by a couple of blog posts relating Catholicism with anime: I am not arguing that the Church is a lot like the Pokemon world. (Alright, I am.) But more than that: The natural cry of the human heart — as best shown in… Continue reading Spirituality in the Anime Blogosphere: Pokemon and Priests, Dreams of Crusading Anime, and Superflat Artist Tackles Buddha in Qatar

For Love of the (Fan)art, And Of Its Subject

I must confess that I have been viewing anime fanart much more than I've been producing it in my time at deviantArt. In doing so, I've been trying to get a handle on what all these other fanartists are doing, and why. To be honest, I haven't fully understood what I've been doing, and why.… Continue reading For Love of the (Fan)art, And Of Its Subject

Interview with Christian Artist, Keiko

I love to feature art that is influenced by anime and which has some Christian theme.  A number of artists have been gracious enough to let me feature their art on Beneath the Tangles.  I recently came across an artist, Keiko, whose work I adore!  In fact, I couldn't pick just one work to show… Continue reading Interview with Christian Artist, Keiko

Aniblogger Testimony: Mangaka on a Mission

We've made it to the end of the aniblogger testimony project!  This is the tenth and final in a series of Aniblogger Testimony posts, where select writers will discuss their personal faith.  Today’s post is by Katie (Kokoro Hane) of Breaking Metal Windows and Kokoro no Uta.  The previous posts in this series were written… Continue reading Aniblogger Testimony: Mangaka on a Mission

Fanart: crouching at her door

The deviantART community is home to a large group of Christian artists whose work is influence by anime.  I’ve been blessed to feature examples of work by Beau Soir, sA-oHime, pancake-waddle, GenevieveGT, and ShouYume thus far.  Today, I want to show a beautiful piece by another talented artist, ~Snow-in-Spring.  This wonderful piece of digital art… Continue reading Fanart: crouching at her door