Second Quarter: Anime Fantasy League Update

Halfway through our yearlong fantasy league, things are getting very interesting. SOS Brigade (Violet Evergarden Tumblr) had what seemed to be an insurmountable lead, but lo and behold, they lost  their grip on first place as Pegasus Meteor First (@ryuusei86) made the jump from fourth to first behind the latest season of Gintama and the continually strong performance of My Hero Academia. Eyeshield 20/20 (Tommy Phillips), meanwhile, slipped from third to last as the FLCL sequels proved to be disappointing both critically and in fantasyland.

You can visit a previous post to see all the details, but our fantasy league basically has four teams (four of our anibloggers plus a couple others) selecting series airing between Spring 2018 and Winter 2019—at the end of that last season, we’ll see who wins with scores based on Anime Planet and MAL rankings.

Here’s how the standings look as of today:

  1. Pegasus Meteor Fist (AVG Score: 59.8), Last quarter placing: 4
  2. SOS Brigade (66.3), Last: 1
  3. FTBL (472.7), Last: 2
  4. First and Ghoul (2029.8), Last: 5
  5. First and Over 9000!!! (2035.0), Last: 6
  6. Eyeshield 20/20 (2102.5), Last: 3

The difference between one and two is so close that even a few slips in the ranking for a series could flip these two. Pegasus also has Seven Deadly Sins on its team and could count on a big score from the last season of Fairy Tail. Meanwhile, SOS Brigade continues to stand on Steins;gate 0, Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan, and Food Wars. FTBL is by itself in third on the strength of One Piece and Megalo Box, while three teams are cluttered at the end, though each has a series or two that could move up (or move at all, having not yet aired), and could see their stock go up through waivers.

Speaking of which, our waiver wire pickup and drop cycle also occurred! These were the moves that were made:

FTBL drops Piano no Mori
FTBL claims JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken: Ougon no Kaze
First and Ghoul drops Chihayafuru 3
First and Ghoul claims Overlord III
Eyeshield drops FLCL Progressive
Eyeshield claims Lupin III: Part V

These are major claims, but it will remain to be seen if any of them will help these teams move up. We’ll check in again later as we progress past the first half and head toward the final gun! Good luck to all the teams!

featured art by DN (reprinted w/permission)


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