The TangleCast Strikes Back!

That’s right folks—the TangleCast is back! After going on haitus a couple years ago, the Beneath the Tangles podcast is returning and with a unique format. Rotating among three teams, the TangleCast will be making its illustrious comeback (hype set to “on”) in the coming weeks. Here are your new hosts:

Team Trinity: Comprised of members of Corban University’s League of Anime Warriors, who are active on the convention circuit in the northwest, and led by their president and one of our writers, @vintageinmyveins

Team FtK: Assembled by @mulder8281, this group is dispersed among several cities, but all members have or are attending Acts Fellowship Church, located in Austin, TX. “FtK” stands for “For the King.”

Team Anchester: @younglochnivar leads this solo team which, like his articles, will drill deep into both anime and Christianity. He’ll explain the unique name of the team in his stream.

I’m really excited to bring the podcast back—it was a weekly source of joy, fun, and discussion for many of you (and for me, too!) in its various forms. I think you’ll enjoy our team format as you get to meet our new podcasters who will be streaming their thoughts to your devices. I’ll let the teams introduce themselves in the upcoming episodes, but I will say we have a really cool mix of people with varying interests and experiences.

So stay tuned in the coming weeks as our podcast hits the ground running again! The hype is real, guys!

Featured illustration by Kaoruru (reprinted w/permission)

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