Checking Out the Inaugural Gamer Comic Expo!

The conventions in Miami that I’m most familiar with are SuperCon and Animate, but I often don’t attend these events. However, as one of the resident gamers at Beneath the Tangles, I was intrigued when I heard about Gamer Comic Expo. I sent the con an email explaining that I would like a press badge so I could write a report on it, and they accepted, so below you will find out more on how this all went down! I went alone as most of my friends aren’t into gaming or anime, but since I got to go to a con for free I’m not complaining! I also purposely took this day off of work so I could enjoy.

I didn’t expect many people to show up as it was it’s first-year debut, on a Friday at 12pm. I assumed most people were either working or at school, but instead, I ended up in a line with at least 100 people! Of course, it had to be super hot being it’s November in Miami, but Spotify kept me occupied. After the security check-in, I got my press pass and inside I went.

Too bad there weren’t more gaming cabinets available. It was a nice touch though.

The entrance, for me, should always be something that gives me a feel of what is ahead. Instead, I was introduced to “Wild Bill’s Old Fashioned Soda,” which is cool but not what I expected. All around were tons of vendors from glitter for your face to some kind of gaming chair, and from pre-signed autograph pictures for sale to a whole lot of Funko. Some of them were very interesting, like the mass of anime figures that I saw (and wanted to buy, but had to restrain myself).

I hesitated on buying some of these, mainly because I know where I can buy them myself instead of paying a higher price at the convention When I go to a con though, I’m always looking for nice artwork for my home! Unfortunately, there wasn’t much that interested me since some of them were very sexualized, but check out the ones below. I really liked the Disney art—I should have grabbed a few!

My main appeal here was to play some video games or join in on some tournaments. I’m a fan of fighting games like Street Fighter, Tekken, and Dragon Ball Fighterz, but none of these were to be found. At least on Friday, I did not see anything going on except for a stage with a giant screen while Fortnite was being played live. Sure, the Fortnite event was nice since they brought two popular players, Myth and Hamlinz but I’m not a fan. I was looking everywhere to play Overwatch since that was supposedly happening but it was nowhere to be found….

The two cosplayers I did take pics of were great! The one to the right is from Destiny, Cayde-6; he did an amazing job especially with the glowing eyes and mimicking the character’s voice. The Joker was so cool—he enthusiastically posed immediately when I asked for a picture. It was a moment for me because I’ve always been shy to take a picture of a cosplayer as I think it might be annoying to them or something. I guess since I’ve never done it, I assume people asking me for a picture every 10 seconds would eventually wear me out. Not this guy—he was delighted that I got a shot of him!

This gave me more confidence for my next event to take a whole lot more pictures. Like I mentioned earlier, as a guy I was careful not to take pictures of a few pro-cosplayers that had extremely provacative outfits. Whether it was their photos for sale or their cosplay, I’m a man and I know my limits.

Matthew 5:28 New Living Translation (NLT)
28 But I say, anyone who even looks at a woman with lust has already committed adultery with her in his heart.

I’m not going to “pretend” and say that I am so holy and spiritual that my eyes stop functioning. I do struggle at times with taking more than one glance, so I know when to look down or turn away. It’s not a bad thing at all, but when it’s purposefully done to tempt then I steer clear which was the case a few times. This is Miami also, so it’s basically everywhere you go!

To wrap this report up, I did enjoy the hours I spent at Gamer Comic Expo and I want to thank them for giving me a press pass! They didn’t have to, but I’m glad they did as it was a fun experience. I hope to go again next year if they broaden the video gaming experiences than just Fortnite. Bring the fighting games, first person shooters, and Switch games that we all know and love!

I leave you with some random pictures I took and a video advertisement of the event. If you’re in the Miami area for a con, message me and maybe we can meet up!

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