12 Days of Christmas Anime (2018)

Although not as meaningful and symbolic as Advent, and neither quite in line with what the 12 Days of Christmas story tells, the writers at Beneath the Tangles have our own way of celebrating the days surrounding Christmas. Starting tomorrow, we’ll bring you our thoughts on a Christmas episode of an anime each day, right through the 25th of the month. Some of the posts might be humorous, and others meaningful, with our goal to express the Christmas spirit, an idea we find rooted in the coming of Christ, a humble birth that would bring forth the most epic and beautiful story of all—the salvation of an undeserving people by the humblest of kings.

So stayed tune through the coming days, and maybe watch along with us! We’ll tell you the next day’s offering at the end of each day’s post to give you a little time to watch the Christmas episode before reading our thoughts! But as a primer, I’ll give you some hints for the days ahead: we’ll be talking about Santa, who never looked so good as a yellow, cat-like blob; diving into the lives of otaku during Christmas, as well as adults involved in a de-aging kind of experiment; and do some winter camping, too, and getting to the heart of matters—both figuratively and physically speaking.

For tomorrow, your job is both easy and joyous: go stream episode 35 of Cardcaptor Sakura, and watch some of anime’s favorite characters celebrate the holiday.

We look forward to your comments as we go through the next twelve days. Please join us!

Featured art by Melings (reprinted w/permission)


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