First Impression: Endro~!

On Naral Island, the legend goes that a legendary Hero defeated the Demon Lord, and since then, every time the Demon Lord was resurrected, a Hero would appear to defeat it. Yulia Chardiet, a.k.a. “Yusha”, is supposedly that hero, but no Demon Lord seems to be in sight, so she’s just a classless, airheaded girl attending an adventurer school with her three friends. One day, their teacher suddenly goes home, and replacing him is the small, adorable Mao. Little do they know, Mao is actually the Demon Lord, who in the future was “defeated” by Yusha and her friends by a botched forbidden spell that sent her to the past. Now, Mao is determined to stop Yusha from becoming a Hero and secure her own reign as the Demon Lord, but things naturally go differently than she had planned…

Endro~! is an original anime that combines adventurer fantasy with cute-girls-doing-cute-things slice-of-life for a show that is cute, silly, and fun. Obviously I am very biased as this show combines two of my favorite kinds of anime, though I would say anyone looking for a lighthearted fantasy comedy should check this out. Visually, the show looks great, with vibrant art, smooth animation and cute character designs courtesy of Namori, the mangaka of Yuru Yuri. The show itself likes to poke fun at various aspects of the “adventurer fantasy” genre, the characters are a lot of fun so far, and overall this is pretty much everything I could have asked for in a lighthearted fantasy. If you need something light and fluffy to balance out the darker stuff that is popular this season, this show might be just what you’re looking for.

Endro~! is streaming on Crunchyroll.

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