Third Quarter: Anime Fantasy League Update

There’s a little thing going on this weekend. You know, a sports event? No no, I’m not talking about the Super Bowl (More New England? Maroon 5? Gimme a break…). I mean the latest update for Beneath the Tangles Anime Fantasy League!

We are now more than three-quarters through with our yearlong league. This is the last time period and the last chance for teams to move ahead as we determine a winner at the end of the winter anime season. Pegasus Meteor Fist (@ryuusei86) continues to maintain the lead he gained last round, but SOS Brigade (Violet Evergarden Tumblr) is keeping it close. Meanwhile, though FTBL (@mdmrn) remains in a close third, and most of the teams in the back end, including teams run by @samuru1, @emdaisy1, and Tommy Phillips, gained on the competition. The race to the top is far from over!

You can visit a previous post to see all the details, but our fantasy league basically has six teams (four of our anibloggers plus a couple others) selecting series airing between Spring 2018 and Winter 2019. When all is said and done, we’ll see who wins with scores based on Anime Planet and MAL rankings.

Here’s how the standings looked going into the winter:

  1. Pegasus Meteor Fist (AVG Score: 70.0), Last quarter placing: 1
  2. SOS Brigade (92.5), Last: 2
  3. FTBL (192.0), Last: 3
  4. First and Over 9000!!! (761.0), Last: 5
  5. First and Ghoul (1049.2), Last: 4
  6. Eyeshield 20/20 (1455.0), Last: 6

Series move up and down in point total during the season, but teams also have a chance to pick up anime through our waiver wires. Here are the moves for this round:

SOS Brigade drops Grand Blue
SOS Brigade claims That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime
First and Over 9000!!! drops Made in Abyss 2
First and Over 9000!!! claims Aggressive Retsuko
FTBL drops Golden Kamuy
FTBL claims Pingu in the City
FTBL drops Megalo Box
FTBL claims The Promised Neverland
First and Over 9000!!! drops Sword Art Online Alternative GGO
First and Over 9000!!! claims Megalo Box

Lots of drops and pickups this time, and major ones that will change the complexion of the lead and almost certainly the final result. A few times stayed put, including First and Ghoul even though its owner expressed interested in making some moves, and the leader, Pegasus Meteor Fist, who hopes that it can stay put atop the standings. We’ll see at the end of March, when the final scores are tallied. Stay tuned!

featured art by DN (reprinted w/permission)

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  1. Lol! Speaking of the Super Bowl, The person who sang “Sweet Victory” from the Spongebob episode “Band Geeks” is performing in tribute of Stephen Hillenburg too! 🙂 He passed away on November 26, 2018.

      1. He actually didn’t perform. A clip from the episode was just shown. I was kinda disapointed. 🙁

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