3…2…1…Team Trinity Takes Off!

Tomorrow is our usual day for the Beneath the Tangles podcast, and it’s the scheduled day for Team Trinity, that energetic, clever, and sometimes even controversial (as controversial as a group of Christians talking anime can be!) group to post. But no episode tomorrow, and in fact, we’re bidding a sad (and happy!) adieu to the team. Sad, because they’re so very talented and have challenged me (and I’m assuming our listeners as well) in all sorts of ways. But happy because we expect them to go out on their own and revamp the podcast in ways that fit their group better than the structure at Beneath the Tangles does.

We’ll be promoting their podcast as it moves forward so you’ll be able to subscribe and listen when they’re ready. In the meantime, you can still catch articles from @vintageinmyveins here (she’s not going anywhere!) and listen to new episodes of our podcast as they continue to post on Tuesdays (but not every Tuesday) moving forward. Follow Teams Anchester and FtK on iTunes, Google Play, or Spotify, or through our RSS Feed, and of course, here on the blog.

Featured art by Arden (reproduction permitted)


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