TangleCast 49: Podcast-Sama, Love is War?

Missing the romance of Valentine’s Day? Not to fear—Team FtK has you covered! David, Peter, and Holly dig into one of this season’s most popular series, Kaguya-sama: Love is War, and ponder on their own experiences in giving relationship advice, the role that pride has in dating, and most importantly, whether it was okay for Chika to feed Shirogane her bento.

0:00 Introduction
0:57 Last week’s Cast Question
4:55 New Cast Question
9:58 Guess the Anime!
19:19 Kaguya-Sama Love is War Discussion—Intro
20:24 Discussion—Initial thoughts
28:25 Discussion—Relationship advice in anime and RL
35:50 Discussion—Friendships, jealousy, and relationships
44:04 Discussion—Doing high school again
48:58 Discussion—Theme of pride
56:49 Closing

And we want your feedback as well! Each week we’ll ask a question on the podcast and feature your answers the next time that team rolls around. Here’s this week’s CQ (Cast Question): If you had to delete all but three apps from your smartphone, which three would you keep?

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TangleCast 49: Podcast-Sama, Love is War?

8 thoughts on “TangleCast 49: Podcast-Sama, Love is War?

  1. Kaguya-sama is probably my favorite anime of the season. I really like that main characters that engage in battles of wits over their own emotions. While I’m neither as smart nor wealthy as either of the protags, but I can absolutely relate to their constant trying to out-think the other person and focusing far too heavily on my own “knowledge” of psychology or praxaeology to predict someone else’s behavior instead of just being myself. It’s what makes Chika such a great foil because she hides absolutely not and is completely honest save for the game they played in an early episode. She’s supposed to be a ditz, but she’s ironically probably smarter than either of them but has no need for pride or zero sum relationship gains. She understands that when you act honestly and seek good for other people (agape love) everyone benefits as a whole.
    The creators know this, so the concept of gaining the upper hand on the other person in the relationship is intentionally absurd and played for comedy.
    It’s also got one of the absolute best OPs I’ve seen in a while.
    I think on your discussion of friendships and marriage, I can say that my wife is absolutely my best friend, and I think that’s the best scenario. A strong marriage will develop as a friendship and also as a spousal relationship. Chemically we bond with the people we spend close time with, and in that, marriage almost always outpaces normal friendships.
    I am 100% on board with you with pride. It’s known as the deadliest sin for a reason. Every time it crops up it harms our interactions with other people and limits the extent we can help others or ourselves when we’re stubborn to admit to ourselves that we’re human. We can end up in a situation just like Kaguya and Shirogane. If they could just get over that pride (that they’ve no doubt been raised to embrace) they would be able to get to what’s probably the natural endpoint of the series where they confess at the same time when they mutually overcome that pride.

  2. Twitter—
    Rich (@redcar_tenken), MUTUAL: Discord, FGO, Safari. Discord keeps me in touch with friends who I wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise. Safari can access all the social media I use. And FGO because I’m an ADD weeb who gets bored easily without something to play.

    Matthew (@MDMRN), BtT columnist: All but 3? That’s tough. I’d probably keep Shonen Jump, Twitter, and GMail. Hmm, but then I’d have no browser…gah! Maybe I’d swap out Twitter with Chrome…

    @celtic.nerd, MUTUAL: Had to take a look at what all I have. I’d have to go with Instagram, Spotify, and FITE TV. I’m always on IG. Spotify is like always having a Walkman on you. (Do people today even know what a Walkman is?) And FITE TV gets a bunch of wrestling shows and syncs with my tv.

    @swiftyins, MUTUAL: All keep twitter, calendar, YouTube

    Ellie (@little.pink.witch), MUTUAL: etsy, IG, and goodreads 🙂

    @ericraynor223: Spotify, YouTube, and tumblr

    @shiromeguri.meguri, MUTUAL: Instagram, Youtube, Messenger.

    @treyrobinson_______, MUTUAL: Mine would be Manga bird (obviously lol), my dnd character sheet app, and Instagram.

    Michelle, @thathilomgirl, BtT writer: Google Play Store, Messenger and Discord

    @kail_luisse: I’d keep Messenger,Facebook, and Bombsquad(A game me and my friends love so much).

    @half_shade_, MUTUAL: Camera, Play Store and Gallery

    @marcysjournal: Bible, YouTube, Instagram

    @asocial_ambivert, MUTUAL: Messenger, Mobile Legends, and YouTube (sorry IG you’re just not as important)

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