First Impression: Senryuu Shoujo

Nanako is happy, friendly, and unwilling to utter a single word—instead, she communicates through senryuu, a form of haiku that’s often more humorous and focus on the human condition, which she writes to express herself. Though the Literature Club, she finds the most unexpected kindred spirit in Eiji, a feared delinquent-type whose true self is more gentle and kind than his classmates can imagine.

Well hello! What a cute first episode! Nanako and Eiji are very appealing leads in almost all facets—personality, character design, and even their chemistry. It didn’t take very long for me to ship these two hard. But add to that a unique take on structuring and dialogue that makes use of senryuu as more than a mere plot device, and you have quite an intriguing series! I don’t usually like shows with 12-minute episodes (Nijiiro Days being the only one I can remember completing) and the two main characters are the only compelling ones so far, but I’m willing to hang in there and see where this series goes—it feels like it could be heading somewhere special.


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