First Impression: Fairy Gone

After decades of war, weapons known as “fairies” and the humans able to control them, are outlawed. Despite declarations of peace, the threat and power of the fairies brew underneath the surface. In this world, two young women, who were survivors of a wartime massacre, find each other again, and get embroiled with a former Fairy Soldier, who like the other two, also has something to hide.

What would happen if you pitched Violet Evergarden meets Witch Hunter Robin, and asked P.A. Works to develop it? You’d get Fairy Gone, an intriguing new series that casts fairies as frightening creatures brought forth to battle by a soldier, a secret operative, and a common girl—at least in episode one. It’s the fantastic meets “gritty realistic,” as a world of the unseen is brought in layer upon an early 20th-century type setting, which seems to be all the rage these days for how it allows studios to use beautiful colors that would seem out of place in the present or future. And boy, does P.A. Works do a good job of it—this is the prettiest series, perhaps, since Iroduku (also P.A. Works), with mature character designs to boot and CGI fairies which, I think, the jury is still out on (at times clunky in action and at times exciting). I’m definitely interested in seeing where the series progresses, though I’m prepared to bail if need to—a couple series aside, that’s my usual when it comes to this studio.

Fairy Gone can be streamed on Funimation.


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