First Impression: One Punch Man 2

The situation on the planet is getting bleaker—stronger villains are appearing and more of them, with the Boros incident revealing the strength of some of these enemies, as well as of the superheroes that fight them, and especially Saitama, the bald, unmotivated, forever poor Class B Hero who can seemingly defeat any one with one punch. In season two, his adventures, as well as those of his vengeance-seeking android sidekick, Genos, continue, as it’s revealed that S-Class Hero, King, isn’t who he seems to be at all, both in power and personality.

Oh ho! Saitama is back! And I’m SOOO…meh. Unlike almost everyone I know, I’m not a huge fan of One Punch Man. I found it funny and clever and fun and sometimes exciting, but I’m always left with the question, “And now what?” I wonder where it’s all heading, and that could be somewhere great (no spoilers please—I don’t need an OPM evangelist at my door), but for now it’s still just shounen. Further, season two is taking a step back in animation. It looks pretty, but J.C. Staff isn’t putting forth the quality of Madhouse (no surprise), made even worse by the years that have gone by, setting up expectation for better animation, not worse. All that said, episode one was pretty funny and has me anticipating more, and not so much the story, which the last scene sets up, but character dynamics and learning more of the heroes, which to me has been the part of the show thus far. I need me some more Tatksumaki / Saitama interaction, and King’s love for dating games is to die for.

One Punch Man is available for streaming on Hulu.


12 thoughts on “First Impression: One Punch Man 2

  1. I really hope that the animation can be just as excellent as Mad House did for Season One. But I’m so glad to see the hero, the legend, the baldy Saitama back!!! Also, I imagined Garu to be blond headed than grey????

      1. I could do that. I was actually thinking about trying out Hulu once. I have Netflix but I am thinking about switching it out for Hulu. Hulu has many titles from I heard from my coworkers.

        1. We have it and it has lots of current shows. The issue is that even if you pay, you still get ads. There are several pay grades you go up to get rid of them. 😅

          1. Oh really? Ads can be annoying, but I think it’s manageable. I would rather deal with a few ads than so much commercials on TV lol. Netflix doesn’t have ads, but they either add shows or remove. Still, Hulu is still in my mind XD.

              1. Haha I guess Hulu is pretty much like watching TV but online XD. I know I don’t plan on subscribing to an expensive plan.

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