Fantasy Anime League Champion

Believe it not, folks, it’s been an entire year since we started our trial fantasy anime league, with four of our writers—Emma (First and Ghoul), Samuru (First and Over 9000!!!!), R86 (Pegasus Meteor Fist), and MRMRN (FTBL), joining Tumblr blogger, Kurt (SOS Brigade), and aniblogger Tommy Phillips (Eyeshield 20/20) in a competition to see who could stock their team with the highest rated series through four seasons of anime, stretching from spring 2018 through winter 2019, and as determined by Anime Planet and My Anime List ratings.

Here were the standings going into the final quarter:

  1. Pegasus Meteor Fist (AVG Score: 70.0)
  2. SOS Brigade (92.5)
  3. FTBL (192.0)
  4. First and Over 9000!!! (761.0)
  5. First and Ghoul (1049.2)
  6. Eyeshield 20/20 (1455.0)

And here’s out the final rankings shook out.


And the winner of the first season of our fantasy anime league is…FTBL!

In a shocking surge, FTBL jumped from third to first based on the strength of a last-minute waiver wire pickup. They took The Promised Neverland during the last waiver period, and that series, the second highest rated among all shows that were owned in the league, propelled MDMRN’s team to victory! Here are the final standings:

  1. FTBL (71.5)
  2. Pegasus Meteor Fist (77.7)
  3. SOS Brigade (99.0)
  4. First and Over 9000!!! (177.8)
  5. First and Ghoul (1168.3)
  6. Eyeshield 20/20 (1641.8)
Yes, it was you, MDRMN. Good pick up!

Thanks to all the teams to participated, and to you readers who also followed along. We’ve got plans for a change in direction moving forward, so stay tuned for a future edition of this league. And against, congrats to our own MDMRN on making that last strategic move to win it all!

featured art by DN (reprinted w/permission)


9 thoughts on “Fantasy Anime League Champion

  1. I am absolutely shocked that my last minute tweaks propelled me to victory! I had kept a relatively steady team through most of the competition, including old stables like One Piece. But, took a calculated risk during the last waiver period. I’m glad to see that it paid off…

    Phew, well played Promised Neverland, being a beloved series.

    1. I gotta say, this was actually exciting, almost like a NASCAR race. Kurt led more laps than anyone, but Sensei passed him and I thought was in for the win. But you made some good pit stops and pulled ahead on the last lap. Congratulations!

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