And Our Next Light Novel Club Selection Is…True Tenchi Muyo! Vol 3 (Washu)

Doing this light novel club on Beneath the Tangles has opened my eyes to the breadth of light novel choices out there. In fact, our light novel club prez, stardf29, is reading 100 light novels this years and tweeting about them on his Twitter account. After years of neglect, it seems that J-Novel Club, Seven Seas, Yen Press and others are pushing out light novels in bunches. Good for us as we continue on now to our eleventh edition of the BtT light novel club, and a special one, since this will be the first series that we’ll complete here. Our next selection True Tenchi Muyo! Volume 3 (Washu), the last of the classic series and following up on Jurai and Yosho.

Here’s a summary of our next selection from Amazon:

Before Masaki Tenchi was born, before Ryoko was released—there was an enigmatic genius who traveled through space and time. Based on the hit Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki OVA series, this trilogy of canonical light novels explores the lore that shapes the past, present, and future of the sprawling Tenchi Muyo! universe. In this third and final novel, we discover the mysterious origins of Washu, the scientist who would go on to establish Galaxy Academy and create Ryoko!

I’m super excited to finally finish this series, which I’ve been reading about now for almost twenty years! The previous novels were both excellent, and I expect the same from the conclusion. Won’t you please join us? We’ll discuss this volume on May 31st here on the blog!

True Tenchi Muyo! Volume 3 (Washu) is available for purchase on paperback or electronically through Amazon.


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