Carole & Tuesday Episode 6: Life is a Carnival

You can walk on the water, drown in the sand
You can fly off a mountaintop if anybody can

Two days ago, Carole and Tuesday were sitting in their apartment writing music. Today, they’re going on stage in front of 100,000 fans. For as much as the girls enjoy performing, it’s no wonder that they’re falling apart, especially Tuesday, who is almost comatose with fright.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the stage (and after they leave as well).

While avoiding Ertegun, Carole and Tuesday run into Skip (1), an apparently wildly popular musician (with an unrequited love for Crystal, the girls’ role model) who has traded in his passion for popularity. He encourages Carole and Tuesday to stay true to themselves, to “not lose sight of it.”

On stage, the girls, who are substitutes in case rocker Joshua can’t go on because of any number of potential reasons, sing their laundry song (2). Their performance is fine, but the crowd is raucous and upset. They toss trash at the duo and yell for them to leave the stage. It’s a challenging experience for the girls, who are saved only when Joshua stumbles onto the stage screaming f-bombs (in a delightful performance from Yuki Kaji of Todoroki fame).

They’re saved further, though, and in a more meaningful way, by meeting Crystal backstage. Just before she goes on to perform, Crystal tells the girls that she was sure their music reached somebody in the audience—and that it certainly reached her. In a matter of minutes, Tuesday’s weeping turns to laughter, and the incorrigible duo is back to their normal selvespr, omising that they’ll make their way back to that stage one day, but on their own merits.

Run away, run away—it’s the restless age
Look away, look away—you can turn the page

Episode six of Carole & Tuesday was delightful and unexpected. New characters were introduced but more importantly, the narrative slowed. It seemed at first that this might be the very event that changes the world, but it’s not so—at least not this specific Cydonia (3). The girls still have a ways to go, though this event, as strange as it was, might help propel them to become the artists that they one day will be.

(1) Any guesses as to whom Skip is supposed to be? His music is a bit funky and very, very gentle. Prince without the funk, John Legend but less contemporary, Lenny Kravitz with a guitar but without the rock?

(2) How about for Joshua? He could be anybody. He headlines a band, so maybe…Steven Tyler? He really could be any of a number of frontmen.

(3) Cydonia has an interesting feel, too, perhaps Burning Man Festival meets Coachella?

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