TangleCast 58: Made in Abyss

One of the most acclaimed anime of recent years is Made in Abyss—what starts as a childhood adventure turns into something more meaningful and far darker than perhaps many viewers had expected. Today, Team FtK jumps into this new classic episode by episode—we encourage you to check it out even if you haven’t seen the series for the many interesting themes the trio discuss, but to also perhaps come back to this episode after watching it and see if your thoughts match theirs, and to comment below if you wish to discuss.

0:00 Introduction
0:58 Last week’s Cast Question
3:37 New Cast Question
9:43 Anime or Ani-Made Up
15:26 Made in AbyssIntro
16:49 Discussion—Abyss’ dark tone
21:48 Discussion—Episode by episode
65:47 Discussion—Conclusion
66:24 Closing

And we want your feedback as well! Each week we’ll ask a question on the podcast and feature your answers the next time that team rolls around. Here’s this week’s CQ (Cast Question): If you’re able to keep a loved one alive by whatever means necessary (mechanical / ventilator dependency)—even if he or she is suffering—would you do it? And also, what would you want for yourself?

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TangleCast 58: Made in Abyss

7 thoughts on “TangleCast 58: Made in Abyss

  1. I was hit with this question just before I watched The Upside with family—that movie, too, deals with the same idea, with the main character (played by Bryan Cranston) asking that his caretaker (Kevin Hart) not resuscitate him. The movie doesn’t really do the topic justice, but it still got me to consider it and actually, I really appreciate David’s take on the subject, and I would tend toward that and of course whatever my loved one’s wishes are. I have such paperwork from my parents, but Holly’s words remind me that I also need to just talk to them about what they want. Thank you for this episode and this question!

  2. I think we can cling to this life in an excessive way. Death wasn’t part of God’s intention for us, but since the fall, he’s allowed it to be part of our world. We look forward to when Jesus defeats “the last enemy” (1 Cor. 15.26), but we must remember that he is the one who defeats death, not us. Taking people who would otherwise die and hooking them up to machines to keep them alive feels like excessive measures. It becomes a matter of trying to extend life through these artificial means, not merely saving life.

    Also, you have definitely convinced me to never ever watch Made in Abyss.

  3. After being a caretaker since I was a little girl and after four years of taking care of my granny with Alzheimer’s until she passed 7 months ago, I know I can’t keep anyone alive via assistance of machine if I had to choose. For me, I’m with everyone in saying let me go. Let me go home to God because it’s my time. Not my will be done but His *nodnod*

  4. Oh man, too late to be included in the next podcast, but here’s some further feedback I got today from myles.netherton (Instagram):

    Hey! Good stuff on that podcast. I agree with David, I don’t like mature anime where the main characters are kids. Bothers me too and it’s just awkward and morally incorrect. I remember an interview with the director of Coraline talked about how children should see that sort of stuff triumphing over evil, and it makes much more sense when clearly you’re aiming for a children’s audience, but when you work with Abyss or the Seraphim one, don’t remember the title well. It doesn’t work.

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