First Impression: How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You Lift?

Hibiki Sakura is a first-year high school student who loves to eat yummy food. She gets a comment from a friend that she is gaining weight, and after checking the scale finds out it’s true! She decides to join a gym, specifically Silverman Gym. Another student, Akemi Sōryūin the high school student president, is also joining at the same time so they take a tour of the place together. To Hibiki’s shock, it’s full of men that have muscles on top of muscles but Akemi has a fetish for such men so she’s very excited!

Their trainer is Naruzō Machio, who shows them how to bench press and squat while flexing his ridiculous physique.  Hibiki struggles since she’s never been to the gym but Ayemi is used to it and does better. At the end of the day, Ayemi decides they should be gym buddies and go more often together.

how heavy are your dumbbells screencap 2.png
Silverman Gym

I thought the show was pretty funny, especially the “side chest” and other muscle-flexing moments! It does have some fanservice which was unnecessary, even Hibiki mentions it while it’s being shown. What I was hoping they would do, and they did, was actually show how to do the exercises step by step. I think that’s great when anime does that so it encourages others to do it too. Like the anime that focus on cooking and teach you how to make the dish. As someone who goes to the gym weekly, I’m looking forward to see what else this anime offers, which is hopefully less fanservice and more focus on the actual gym lifestyle!


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