First Impression: Astra Lost in Space (for Manga Readers)

It’s the year 2063, and the students of Caird High School (plus one little sister and her puppet) are ready to head to their camping trip. Said camping trip, should be noted, is located on a planet that takes them a few lightyears away from home. However, as soon as they reach their destination, a mysterious sphere appears and literally pulls them even further away from any form of outside help. Now, they must rely on an abandoned spaceship and each other to not just survive, but to make it back home safely in at least three months time.

As someone who’s followed the manga, I had been looking forward to Astra Lost in Space’s anime ever since it had been announced, and was doubly excited when I found out that the first episode would be an hour long. Having brushed up on the first two chapters in preparation for this premiere, I’m glad to say that I’m satisfied with what I’ve seen so far. I was surprised to see some scenes are different from the manga, but I think that it was ultimately for the better. The change from having Kanata and Aries coming back by grabbing the unlocked tether to having the rest of the kids form a human chain to save them would be a bigger benefit for anime viewers, as it would hint to them how the teamwork dynamics of the group will develop into as the story progresses. The humor in the first part of the episode falls kinda flat a few times, but I’ve always attributed that to mangaka Kenta Shinohara trying to set his footing for this story after working on SKET Dance for some time. I also loved how they incorporated some of the extra information found in the manga omakes in some scenes, such as the crust suits and their brands. This gives me hope that the anime might adapt some of the four-paneled extras into the show somehow, but with it being 12 episodes, I shouldn’t get my hopes up.

It should also be noted Astra Lost in Space will have plot twists just as surprising as in The Promised Neverland, so know that I’ll also be looking forward to seeing the reactions of anime watchers with great glee.

Astra Lost in Space can be streamed on Funimation


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