Five Anime Recommendations for Amazon Prime Day

Yes, Amazon Prime Day is here. For the uninitiated, that mean that for the next two days, Amazon is running a multitude of deals in a variety of categories, extending even to anime DVDs—we otaku have some earning power after all (even the shut-ins among us!). Here are five anime and anime-related recommendations running through tomorrow, plus a tip at the end of where you might really want to head for deals right now. Note that the prices given in the images below don’t reflect the 20% Prime Day discount—those are given once you add the item to your cart and go that cart screen, and I’ve given them in the header titles for each DVD movie / collection.

Oh, and don’t have Prime? You can use sign up for a free trial right now to take advantage of the discounts.

1. The Tale of the Princess Kaguya ($10.31)

Can an Oscar-nominated anime possibly be underrated? I kind of get the feeling that’s the story of Kaguya, a movie that feels both traditional and timeless, crafted by the masterful hands of the late Isao Takahata.

2. Serial Experiments Lain: Complete Series ($19.54)

It’s been 21 years now since Lain came out, and as you might have noted from our celebration of the 20th anniversary last year, we still find the series to be captivating and prescient. It’s been available at really great prices at different times lately, but this is certainly within that range of what I would consider a good buy.

3. Tenchi Muyo! Universe ($17.63)

No no, it’s not the original OVAs, those amazing works that are still wonderful to watch today. Universe is more of a straight series that omits much of the weirdness of the OVAs for a more fluid, sci-fi story. It’s a very good watch, despite missing some of zanier elements, and has a few high points of the entire franchise—namely the “No Need for Memories” episode and Galaxy Police Officer Kiyone. Go grab this piece of nostalgia

4. Trigun Complete Series ($22.82)

Love and peace!! Long rumored to be an inspiration for The Matrix‘s revolutionary bullet-dodging scenes, Trigun is far more than simple sci-fi: it’s a western with incredible heart and one of anime’s all time great heroes in Vash the Stampede. Add in a couple of insurance girls and the amazing gun-toting Nicholas D. Wolfwood, and you’ve got an amazing cast to join a riveting story.

5. Slayers: Season 1-3 ($33.99)

Three seasons of Lina Inverse and the gang at this price? Get it get it get it. We’ve got some mega fans of this series on our staff, and they still love this classic series.

I promised you even better deals, right? I highly suggest you go check out Sentai Filmworks’ summer sale—their prices are outstanding. I typically get a couple sets from them during this time—in fact, I have to hold myself back from ordering too much (last year it was Chihayafuru and several other sets I’m afraid I can’t remember). Be sure to check there and look at Right Stuf as well, which is also having a terrific sale.

Have fun shopping, nerds!


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