First Impression: Bem

Sonia Summers is a cop from Lower Town, which looks very much like New York City (I’m from there, so I know) who was transferred to Upper Town. It’s like Uptown or Downtown, basically. She is taken for a drive around the city, quickly realizing how corrupt even the police are by accepting bribes from a gang for protection.

There is a serial murder on the loose, and since she has a strong sense of justice she wants the killer found. In the meantime, there’s a trio of a man, boy, and girl named Bem, Belo, and Bela watching over the city who are not human themselves. They want to help people as they believe one day they will become human by doing so.

A water monster who has been the mysterious killer, has gone around drowning victims until Bem arrives to stop it. Sonia gets there in time to see the creature and Bem, who transforms into a monster as well, fighting. Bem wins the battle, and Sonia is shocked as to what just happened and what else awaits her new job in Upper Town.

Screenshot 20bbnm.png


The start of the anime had me interested with its nice jazzy music, along with the edgy city scenes. It reminded me a little of Megalobox. The animation of Bem isn’t that great, as if it was rushed or not done with a lot of detail except for some scenes. Sonia’s character was the typical “justice” girl which is fine, but I would have wanted to know more about her motivation. The three monsters were cool, but again I want to know more about them and their backstory even if it’s just a little bit.

I will be checking in on this one again, but I hope it gets better and not worse.


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