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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is an ongoing anime/manga series that tells the tale of the Joestar family across multiple generations. Their story involves high adventure in the vein of Indiana Jones with the addition of magical artifacts, musical references, and intense posing. As is fitting of the title, multiple characters are each given the nickname JoJo and bizarre adventures happen to the family generation after generation.

Fan-art of Josuke

The series presents a bold image of how each generation impacts the next. The bizarre adventures of the Joestar family begin with George, who displays grace and kindness to the Brando family after they rob him. This kindness is later manipulated by Dio Brando as he attempts to gain power and fortune. Dio’s manipulation impacts the life of George’s son Jonathan, our first JoJo in the series. George’s unwitting manipulation and desire to help Dio leads to him alienating his son. Dio’s lust for power eventually leads to George’s death and a massive path of destruction throughout Jonathan’s life.

In Part 3 of the series, a vampiric Dio returns with the body of Jonathan and causes the power of Stands to be unlocked. The discovery of Stands in Part 3 directly impacts our second (Joseph) and third (Jotaro) JoJos in the series. The unlocking of these secret powers nearly kills Jotaro’s mother. Stand users, under the influence of Dio, create a path of destruction from Japan to Egypt. The impact of the evil of Dio is like a magical butterfly effect that impacts generation after generation of the Joestar family.

The Bible plainly states that the sins of our parents are not our sins; therefore, we are judged by our own decisions. However, it is shown in the Bible that the actions of our parents and grandparents have an effect on us. I can think of no greater example than the family of King David.

King David is described in scripture as a man after the Lord’s own heart. However, he was also a murderer and adulterer. His sinful betrayal of Uriah the Hittite directly led to the birth of King Solomon. David’s decision to have multiple wives caused anger and bitterness among his children, leading to attempted uprisings and bitter violence between siblings. It also directly impacted the next king, his son Solomon.

Solomon followed in his father’s footsteps, building the temple that David wished to construct. He sought knowledge over conflict. However, Solomon, like his father, also took for himself many wives. This decision led to Solomon straying from the Lord, seeking other deities for worship. Additionally, Solomon used forced labor to build his huge palaces and the temple. His decision to use forced labor Israelites directly impacted Solomon’s son Rehoboam. When Rehoboam became king, angry Israelites led by Jeroboam decide to rebel. This rebellion split the Kingdom of Israel with Judah/Benjamin on one side and the remaining ten tribes on the other.

Though the example of David and his relatives is remarkable, the impact of more personal family decisions is no less significant for each one of us. So how do we protect ourselves from the decisions of our parents? In many ways, you can’t. My parents’ decisions, both the good and the bad, have an effect on me today. What I can do is recognize this truth and try to make positive decisions for my own children.

I can show kindness and grace. I can fight against injustice. I can show my children forgiveness. I can give them my trust and earn theirs in return. I can try to avoid magical artifacts that unlock vampiric powers in childhood rivals who later assists in unlocking hidden powers in various people that manifest in physical beings created by their fighting spirit. That last one, of course, I think I can manage. The rest, however, are more challenging.

To rise to these challenges, I need to seek support from the Lord and my family. No man is an island. As I rely on my friends and family, so, too, does each JoJo surround themselves with the same for support, a team to help fight against evil. You cannot control the world around you or what your family decided to do years ago. All you can control is yourself. So find yourself a team to help you deal with all that the world throws at you.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure can be streamed at Crunchyroll. The manga can be read at Shonen Jump/Viz.

Fan art of Josuke used with permission from Shannon (perfectserenad3), the creator of I was a Retired Magical Girl! available now on Line WEBTOON.


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  1. “So how do we protect ourselves from the decisions of our parents? In many ways, you can’t.”

    This kinda touched a tender spot for me. You’re right: there were things my parents did (mostly mom) I couldn’t protect myself from. Let’s just say God did, and I wouldn’t be here if He didn’t. I’m just really glad that I didn’t let the sins of my parents affect me to the point I don’t know Him or reject Him. It has taken a -long- time to learn from them and shed off weight and lay it as His feet. He’s Greato Daze 🌺 let’s keep ORA ORA ORA-ing on faithful nerds 👊🏼

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