Folding Cranes for KyoAni

As the long toward rehabilitation, healing, and justice begins, we want to continue to keep the victims of the KyoAni fire in our thoughts, prayers, and action. A couple of financial outlets towards helping the victims have been made available, and we encourage you to check those out. But we also want to partner with Eleven Arts, a production company with whom we’ve developed close ties, as they put forth an wonderful opportunity. Here’s the info from their site:

Sunflowers represent longevity, friendship, strength, happiness, and positivity. Just as these flowers have bloomed repeatedly throughout Kyoto Animation titles, so too has the studio embodied these traits and shared them with us.

We prepared this sunflower template to print if you don’t have materials already. However, please feel free to use any origami paper you’d like and write any messages you can fit.

From your hands to theirs, we will make certain to deliver them to Kyoto Animation.

Paper cranes take time to fold, especially if you’re not used to origami (here’s a how-to article)—still, we encourage you to participate, as a small measure of showing our hearts towards KyoAni. We’d also like to see you giving, so please email or FB message us photos or videos of you folding the cranes, or tag us as you do so on your Instagram or Twitter accounts.

Mail your complete cranes to the following address:

2127 Sawtelle Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA

Take care everyone, and God bless!

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