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What I’ve noticed about so many anime fans is that they don’t have just a desire to consume, but also to create. Innovation runs through otaku veins, but without the proper skills, they’re left at a dead end, frustrated at the desire to create something of significance, but without the skillset to get there.

I’m excited to promote a wonderful tool that can perhaps help you reach your goal, especially if you’re looking to write a light novel, manga, or young adult novel. The Mythos and Ink publishing company is offering an online course entitled, “Novel Structure According to Harry Potter.” Here’s a description of the class, which was developed and is taught by my former editor:

Readers want to be hooked. When a story isn’t structured properly, they get bored. By including plot hooks and events that happen at the right time, you can grab a reader’s attention and never let go.

Using Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J.K. Rowling as a case study, this course details how to structure your story so editors, agents, and readers never want to put it down. Planning your novel’s structure does not mean you need to write a complete outline, but gives you a basic sketch that includes plot points, character motivations, stakes, and settings. (Also, you’ll be prepped and ready to go just in time for NaNoWriMo!)

This is a wonderful opportunity that I hope many of you will take advantage of! And to sweeten the pot, Mythos and Ink has given Beneath the Tangles readers a special discount—follow the link below and enter the code DATTEBAYO on check out to get 66% off! The code expires on August 18th, the day before the course begins.

Novel Structure According to Harry Potter

Allison Alexander, the course designer and instructor really understands writing and especially what makes geeky novels work. She’s also a nerd like us, and really comprehends the unique challenges of otaku writers. Many of you know that several years ago, I left this blog with a case of burnout. During the 18 months I was away, I wrote for Allison and the magazine she edited. Under her tutelage, I not only grew considerably as a writer, I regained the enthusiasm I had for the craft.

Allison is also an anime fan (her favorites are Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Fairy Tail, and Hunter X Hunter, and she’s currently watching Black Clover), and has written for us before. Here’s some more info about her:

A writer and content editor, Allison adores science fiction and fantasy that features fascinating characters, quirky adventures, and unique worldbuilding. As a spoonie, she especially appreciates stories that feature chronic illnesses and disabilities. In nonfiction, she likes topics that meld philosophy with pop culture, particularly video games.

Allison studied Publishing at Ryerson University and has ten years of experience mentoring aspiring authors. Her nonfiction book, Super Sick, will be published in 2020. In her spare time, she can be found in Hyrule, Middle-earth, or a galaxy far, far away, probably in the company of her husband and imaginary pet owl.

I guarantee you’ll enjoy this course and learn so much from Allison. I’m excited for you all, and to see how your own novel-writing journeys develop, and maybe even as early as November with NaNoWriMo! Please consider signing up for the course soon (classes begin on August 19th), and remember to use our personal code (DATTEBAYO) at check out!

Featured illustration by Jorge M Cucalon (reprinted w/permission)


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