Ghibli Month and Play-in Round for Best Studio Ghibli Movie

During the month of September, Beneath the Tangles and Anime Pop Heart are proud to present Ghibli Month, a 30-day-long celebration of the studio that created classic films like Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro, and Grave of the Fireflies! For an entire month, we’ll bring you articles about Studio Ghibli films, post fan art for the movies, do a fun little giveaway, and develop other cool content that celebrates the beloved studio.

We’re also conducting a tournament like our annual Anime March Madness one through which you will help us determine the best Studio Ghibli film! I’ll give you my take on that topic next week, but the ultimate answer is in your hands as we combine votes from Facebook, Twitter, and here on the blog each Tuesday. Including Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, which is often included as an honorary Ghibli work, there are 22 movies in the studio’s filmography. I’ve seeded them 1-22 based on IMDB’s rankings, The first ten get to skip to next week, while the remaining twelve go head to head this week in the play-in round to see which films make up our slate of sixteen! We encourage you to vote and comment, too, about why you voted the way you did!







Thanks for voting and thanks in advance for joining us for next month’s celebration!

Featured art by 凜紙械恩 (reprinted w/permission)


2 thoughts on “Ghibli Month and Play-in Round for Best Studio Ghibli Movie

  1. I haven’t seen all of them yet, so I just voted for the ones I thought sounded the best. 😅

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