Studio Ghibli Tournament: Round of 16

The opening round of our tournament to determine the best Studio Ghibli film is done and we’re on to the sweet sixteen! Advancing from the first round are The Wind Rises, which rose above Tales from Earthsea; Porco Rosso, who flew over Ocean Waves; Ponyo, which was an absolute tsunami in wiping out My Neighbors the Yamadas; When Marine Was There, who proved too much for the tanuki of Pom Poko; The Cat Returns, which slept some catnip to Only Yesterday; and Arrietty, which was too tall for From up on Poppy Hill. Those six join the ten remaining Ghibli films that received a first round bye. The seedings are determined by IMDB rankings.

Be sure to vote here, and head over and do the same on Facebook and Twitter! We’ll give the results and present the round of eight a week from today!









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