Casting Nausicaa

Role: Jihl

[JIHL] [GENDER: MALE] [AGE: 45-60] Sickly and measured in his words, Jihl desires to be an effective leader despite being bed bound. However, frustrations mount due to his inability to prevent incursion into his small kingdom and his loss of mobility. Must be able to convey great passion in a restrained manner.

Selection: Gary Oldman (The Dark Knight, The Darkest Hour)

Don’t recognize this character name? Jihl is only in Nausicaa for a brief time, but his role will be expanded some in the film. He is Nausicaa’s father, and his death helps set her arc into motion, and also leads to a display of Nausicaa’s lack of self-control. Oldman can play a bit with shaping this character, and provides the gravitas needed in a film full of actors who are mostly strong, but don’t have the hardware that he owns.

That’s it for my selections! Interesting? Weird? Right on? Terrible? Whatever you think, I’m interested in know who it is you’d like to see in Nausicaa. Let us know how you’d cast all the roles, or any of them in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “Casting Nausicaa

  1. I think your choices for Jihl and Yupa are spot on, although there is a bit of me wanting Patrick Stewart to play the role he voiced. Your choice for Asbel is intriguing to me, I haven’t seen Detective Pikachu yet, but I did see Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom and I think your choice would work well acting wise, and it would also bring some ethnic variety to the main cast. Unfortunately I can’t say much about the female choices as no alternatives come to mind and I haven’t seen anything they have been in so I don’t know how well they would do.

  2. Thanks for the kind words! And YES, Patrick Stewart! That choice was definitely chipping away at me—he definitely defined that role so well!

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