Five Tips for Beginners of Dragon Ball FighterZ


I fired off a super Kamehameha blast at the last second and blew away a portion of Earth in the process. That was the end of the match against my online competitor with myself as the victor, after several close calls. The fast-paced battle seemed to go by so quickly, which is the allure of playing Dragon Ball FighterZ. 

As a longtime fighting game enthusiast, I have come to really enjoy playing Dragon Ball FighterZ, especially online. I like the challenge of playing against someone more skilled than I am so I can learn how they play and improve myself. If you are always playing against people on your level, you will never grow. It’s when you observe those that know more than you do when you start to get better—and there are loads of Dragon Ball FighterZ better than me!

Did you catch all of that?

If you are a Dragon Ball fan, this game was made for you. I have been watching Goku’s adventures since the very beginning when “Rock the Dragon” was the English theme song and Funimation made that catchy, “Get that Dragonball!” theme for the first DB! So when I found out the developers of Guilty Gear Arc System Works, were making a Dragon Ball Z game in the same style, I couldn’t wait. Fighting games that have a lot of moves and take more strategy to win than just button mashing makes for an exhilarating experience.

The small problem with this game is, just as with the Guilty Gear series if you are not a seasoned gamer who likes fighting games, this one might be hard to maneuver because of how fast the game can go, especially when you play online or with others who know their stuff. So help those who are struggling or just starting out, I have some tips to help you out!

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