Studio Ghibli Tournament Final: Spirited Away v. Princess Mononoke

We’re finally here—the final round to determine the best Studio Ghibli film! Spirited Away takes on its immediate predecessor, Princess Mononoke in the final round! If it means anything, I think you guys got it exactly right as I ranked these films as the top two (Ranked: Every Studio Ghibli Movie) in the studio’s canon. There’s a lot of passion among you fans for both as well—the Princess Mononoke v. Kiki’s Delivery Service match in the last round had more votes than any other previous match in the entire tournament except for the other one in the round, which seemed to engage all ends of Beneath the Tangles: Spirited Away v. Howl’s Moving Castle drew in more votes than all four matches in the previous round combined!

So have it! Vote here and head over to do the same on Facebook and Twitter! We’ll give the results and present the winner on Monday, the last day of Ghibli Month!

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