TangleCast 64: Fall 2019 Anime Preview

The new season of fall anime has arrived, and the TangleCast has got you covered! David, Peter, and Holly run through the slate of popular returning series this season, as well as a number of the new ones that piqued their interest. Come take a listen as you figure out what to try (and what to avoid) this autumn! We also have a fun game where the team “drafts” anime characters for a basketball team, and we’d love for you to tell us who’d you pick in an anime v. Space Jam game!

0:00 Introduction
1:39 Last episode’s Cast Question
6:51 Anime Basketball Draft
27:03 New Cast Question
27:15 Fall 2019 Anime PreviewIntroduction
27:51 Discussion—Returning series (My Hero Academia, Food Wars, Sword Art Online, Psycho-Pass, Seven Deadly Sins, Chihayafuru, Kono Oto Tomare, We Never Learn,
Ascendance of a Bookworm, Didn’t I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?!)
37:40 Discussion—New series (Assassin’s Pride, Beastars, Kabukichou Sherlock,
Special 7: Special Crime Investigation Unit)
48:04 Closing

And we want your feedback as well! Each week we ask a question on the podcast and feature your answers on the next episode. Here’s this week’s CQ (Cast Question): If you could choose any one anime character for your basketball team, who would you pick? Better yet, give us your entire starting lineup!

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4 thoughts on “TangleCast 64: Fall 2019 Anime Preview

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    myles.netherton (MUTUAL): Major Matoko Kusanagi. I would actually just leave it to her. She’s ridiculously agile and trained for any level or stimulation of combat, her thermoptic camouflage inhibits her to be seen or tracked…anywhere, and just how entertaining would it be to see animation of her caliber up against the bad guys from Space Jam??

    Ellie, little.pink.witch (MUTUAL): i would pick eren bc he could just go titan and destroy the other team, i win 🙂

    Cory, kokorodaki (MUTUAL): Yuu Otosaka from Charlotte (this isn’t surprising, is it?). he can briefly possess any person to permanently steal any powers that might have and use them himself, so amazingly powerful opponents benefit him, and he’s already got a bunch of great powers, so less powerful opponents aren’t a problem. his mental state is… questionable at the end of the series (but that’s not really a bad thing for a superpowered basketball game, right?)

    aranchopancho_official: I Need only hisoka 🔥🤡

    __childish_brandino__: ya made me think but (pg) Shikamaru Nara cause floor general, (sg) saitama (sf) Uchia Madara cause we all saw the iso vs the shinobi alliance, (pf) armored titan cause stretch 4’s these days (c) All Might. Then off that bench (pg) Shinobu Kocho cause you got a bit more athleticism than your lazy smart starter, light footwork, agility, floaters touch, (sg 6th man) Speed-o-sound Sonic cause speed kills, fast break, cuts to the basket, (sf) 9 tails cloak Naruto with all those hands for D and you need a talk no jutsu guy to motivate your team when they are down. (pf) 1st Hokage, (c) Koro Sensei with all those tentacles and speed he getting blocks and lobs.

    maria_cuty95: So a team of 5, my team will be: Minato Namikaze from Naruto because of his Thunder god jutsu, he is so fast no one will know what hit them. Deku from My Hero Academia because of his strategic ability and his power. I would like to have Vegeta because of his determination and pride, although he wouldn’t like to play. Tomoya Okazaki from Clannad, although he has an injury he knows the rules of basketball, and I will go on a limb and assume no one in the team knows them. And lastly Wendy from Fairy Tail, because like mentioned in the last podcast about Tsunade, she has the ability to heal, although to restore stamina, plus she can use any kind of support magic so that will be super helpful. I don’t know if we could win but it will definitely be fun 😂

    zhockerzo: Pg: Me, SG: Jotaro Kujo SF: Broly PF: Armored Titan C: Colossal Titan.Bench: Adult Naruto,Natsu Dragneel,Elfman Strauss,Sinon,Lavar Ball. have an extremly tall team I got to say. Me at 6’0(6’3 with basketball shoes),Jotaro at probably 6’5,Broly at probably 7’8,the Armored Titan at 15m,and the Colossal Titan at 49-50ft,and the Colassal Titan at 200ft or so

    such_memes_wow_le_spooked: Literally any fit character

    Instagram Story

    Marian, marsyyan: Osamu Dazai to cancel out all superpowers of the other players who are NOT his teammates :3 But Dazai might get fouled out because of touching other players

    shirtlesskaneki: Saitama, Soul, Maka, or Death the Kid


    Cecilia: I love this question! My answer is super lazy but I’d pick the members of the Karasuno High volleyball team (haikyuu) because they jump high and have great teamwork! 😂

    Judy, (Kusuguru Usagi): A few characters I thought of are: Makoto Kino, aka Sailor Jupiter, Alucard (Hellsing), Alexander Anderson (Hellsing)

    Hayden Murphy: Head Coach: Reinhard Von Lohengramm (Legend of the Galactic Heroes), Center: Thorkell the Tall (Vinland Saga), Power Forward: Rider (Fate Zero), Small Forward: Edward Elric (FMA) “WHO ARE YOU CALLING SMALL!?”, Point Guard: Spike Spiegel (Cowboy Bebop), Shooting Guard: Captain Harlock (Captain Harlock)

    Kenneth See: Light Yagami (Death Note), Asta (Black Clover), Piccolo (DBZ), Iida Tenya (MHA), Kanda (D Gray Man), Sub: Kuroko (KnB)

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