Our Next Light Novel Selection is…Your Choice!

For our next light novel club meeting, we’re going to be doing something a little different. Instead of one light novel volume, we’re going to discuss many. Our light novel club members—President stardf29, Vice Prez Jeskai Angel, and me, the secretary, are each going to read different novels, first volumes of a series we haven’t yet read. And we’d like you to do the same! Read the first volume of a series you haven’t started reading (and preferably one for which you haven’t watched an anime adaptation or read the manga adaptation).

Then on November 1st, we’ll convene our light club meeting discuss our readings! Sound fun?

Here’s what our members picked to read:

stardf29 is reading The Alchemist Who Survived Now Dreams of a Quiet City Life (releases October 15):

Teen alchemist Mariela is learning to adjust to all the changes in her homeland following her 200-year-long slumber, and now she’s not alone in her endeavors: a young man and former slave named Sieg has pledged to stay by her side and help. But there are more changes in store for the region: a tragedy among the Labyrinth Suppression Forces, an A-Rank adventurer called Lightning Empress Elsee…and a 200-year-old alchemic secret?! (Yen On)

If you’re interested in trying this light novel, you can pre-order it now through Amazon.

Jeskai Angel is reading Log Horizon:

Thirty thousand Japanese gamers awake one day to discover that the fantasy world of Elder Tales, an MMORPG that was formerly their collective hobby, has become their cold hard reality. Severed from their everyday lives, they confront a new horizon filled with ravenous monsters, flavorless food, and the inability to die! Amid the chaos, veteran gamer Shiroe gathers his friends, the guardian Naotsugu and the assassin Akatsuki, and together they embark on an adventure to change the world as they know it! (Yen Press)

If  you’re interested in trying this light novel, you can order it through Amazon.

Twwk is reading Re:Zero Ex:

During the royal selection, Duchess Crusch Karsten declared her plans for the Dragonfiend Kingdom of Lugunica: to destroy the covenant with the Dragon and rebuild the nation stronger than before. But where did her radical vision come from? Why does she want to change her country so badly? The answer lies in her past…This collection of short stories chronicles Crusch’s growth into a noble duchess vying for the crown, her vassal Ferris’ struggles with knighthood and family, and their love for the warm-hearted young prince who inspired them both. (Yen Press)

If  you’re interested in trying this light novel, you can order it through Amazon.

Feel free to join along with any of these selections, or to pick your own. Tell us what you plan to read in the comments below—or keep a secret and reveal it on November 1st, when we’ll convent the 15th meeting of the BtT Light Novel Club!

Featured illustration by Ixy (reprinted w/permission)

5 thoughts on “Our Next Light Novel Selection is…Your Choice!

  1. That’s such a cool idea! I would love to start reading a new light novel! But I’m not sure I’d have time to, considering that I’m currently reading other novels for school and just for fun (such as Ready Player One).

  2. All the light novels sound interesting! Too bad I’m saving money so I don’t think I can buy the books to read along. 🙁 I am reading “Penguin Highway” though! My brother bought it for my birthday~ 🙂 I’m still on the first chapter and it’s pretty good…

  3. We’re not asking you to read the same things we’re reading; just read something new to you, which you already are doing with Penguin Highway, so do share with us what it’s like on November!

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