Be an Anime Secret Santa for the TangleCast!

Peter, David, Holly, and our editor, Marcelo, are taking a well-earned break from recording TangleCast episodes, but they’re still hard at work behind the scenes! We have two episodes coming up in December, both with a Christmas flavor. While the topic of the episode that drops on Christmas Eve is a surprise, the one that will air the week before, on the 17th, is not—it’s our “Secret Santa” episode!

Taking a cue from the Anime Secret Santa project run for so many years by our friends at Reverse Thieves (and this year by All Geeks Considered), our group of four podcasters are playing Secret Santa for one another. Each received a name and recommended three anime for that person to watch based on their anime watch lists; the receiver selects one of the selections to watch. Only Twwk knows who the Secret Santas are and the anime the recipients selected. We’ll all find out together on the December 17th episode!

In the meantime, though, we want to hear your suggestions for our podcasters. Based on their anime lists given below, what series, movies, or OVAs would you recommend they watch?

Who knows, they might pick up your rec and find a new favorite!

Give us your recommendations in the comments below! And in the meantime, please follow us on iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud or whatever other platform you use!

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4 thoughts on “Be an Anime Secret Santa for the TangleCast!

  1. I’m still a big Danganronpa advocate.
    Otherwise, Trinity Blood and Vatican Miracle Examiners are two good Christian flavored animes I think are rather edifying.

    1. I’m not sure about Vatican Miracle Examiners (though I’ve heard good things), but the other two, mood and content-wise, are probably right up David and Holly’s alley.

  2. Hmm… David seems to like sharp shounen/seinen with some emotional intensity. Occasional diversions into sharp melodrama, or action comedy. My top recommendation for him would be Space Battleship Yamato. Probably the recent 2199 remake version, since the old 70’s style is hard to watch without the nostalgia glasses. I’m also surprised that he doesn’t have Neon Genesis Evangelion on his list (definitely the original, not the rebuild version for him) nor any of the Gundam series. Those would also be good matches for him I think. Another possibility would Shiki. If he wanted something more lighthearted I’d recommend Full Metal Panic.

    For Holly I recommend Crest of the Stars. I’m also surprised she doesn’t have Madoka Magica on her list, as that seems a natural fit for her. For something a bit more fun, The Melancholoy of Haruhi Suzumiya might interest her, though I’m leaning towards recommending watching in original broadcast order.

    For Marcelo I’ll recommend Full Metal Panic. Ranma 1/2 or Yu Yu Hakusho might also be an enjoyable oldie for him. Also The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, though he’ll prefer the chronological order. Fullmetal Alchemist is a notable show missing from his list that I think he would like. If he want’s more feels, perhaps Cross Game would be a good choice.

    Peter seems to have very broad tastes. I’m going to recommend Maison Ikkoku for him, though with the caveat that it is a slow build up. It has an amazing conclusion though. Similar to how Clannad goes from good to amazing once you reach After Story. Considering how high he ranks Gurren Lagann and Code Geas, I’m surprise that Full Metal Panic, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Mobile Suit Gundam are not on his list. Not sure if he will like them (all three are very different from each other), but they are probably worth giving a look to see if he likes them.

    1. I’ll share this with them—thank you for the thoughtful recommendations! I love many of those series you recommended and hope they might pick them up! PMMM feels like a good pick for Holly, especially, and Shiki for David.

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